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A study for a new painting waiting to be executed. I feel I've gotten the figurative/representational bug out of me and am pulled back to the abstract. A place I feel most comfortable. In the beginning of this past summer I had become disillusioned with making work that was purely abstract and wanted to test myself to see if I could meld my style of art into people. To make something that when I viewed it I could ask myself what it was, and have an answer. Now that thats done, I look to the void of unreason to create things that may seem chaotic and jumbled. That evoke an emotion without a narrative. With this in mind I may well find myself at the end of this winter looking for faces again. We shall see...

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10/05/07: PAINTING

72" x 54"

International Hostel: Lobby

On 103 and Amsterdam is an historic building that once held the widows of Civil War soldiers until thier final days. Now it bustles with the young adventurous travelers from around the world as New York City's largest hostel. Not everyone there is on vacation. Some guests bare the mark of old fashioned New York crazy, and rumors of the undead widows unwilling to move on to the next realm. The lobby holds a mural I recently created. The idea behind its subject matter was "New York City welcomes the world".

Wooster on Spring

for those who were there, the wooster on spring exhibition was intense. many things have been written and a million photos taken. i was fortunate enough to see it form from the inside over a few weeks, make friends with beautiful people from far away places, experience the 3 day stimuli blitz, and even add a corner piece to it. for me it started a year that has brought great changes in both my art and life. a marking point. someting that will stay in my heart until its done beating.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Brian Greiss Commisssion

Last month I completed a commission piece for Brian Greiss, a gentle man from Boca Raton.

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Post-ups in Europe

While travelling through europe i was able to paste a poster in each city we visited. Big thanks to D'Face for setting me up with supplies.







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Italian Grandmother on the Rocks

The views along the riviera are gorgeous. The beach is very picturesque. The lack of sand does not dissuade some from sunbathing. At first i thought she had washed ashore. When she moved i knew i had to reach for the camera.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Back from Europe

After 3 wonderful weeks of travelling I have returned to New York a much inspired and jetlagged person. The trip itself was indeed a productive one on many fronts. Artistically I not only injested a great many works of awe and amazement, but was able to create some drawings, post up some images, and hatch new plans that will hopefully come about very soon. Some of which I will be documenting here. Stay tuned...

Monday, May 14, 2007


Sometimes I get the urge to create paintings that are too large to stretch, are impossible to photograph correctly, take up a whole wall for months leaving me no room to make anything else, loom over me like an anvil, and ultimately have no destination or intended home. So they get rolled up, put in a corner, and wait for the day that they may see light. Below are 2 such paintings. The first is 9' x 4' and the second is 6' x 9'.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pod Hotel Backyard Mural

After 7 days of being suspended upon a shakey and most dangerous scaffold, I have completed my largest painting to date. It stands at approximately 40 feet high by 26 feet wide and resides at the newly renovated backyard lounge of the Pod Hotel (51 St. between 2nd and 3rd). My fear of death and the anxiety dreams that occurred are now past memories.

Here's a shot of a mural I completed for the main lobby,

2 temporary murals,

and one for the entrance.