Friday, May 1, 2009

India Street Mural Proposal

In life it is sometimes, but not always, equally as important to document one's failures as well as one's victories. Councilman David Yassky is sponsoring a major public arts project in which 5 artist will be able to paint murals on a 300' x 40' wall in Greenpoint. Submissions were open to the public. Above was my proposal. It was rejected. No reason given, which is expected. Does it matter why? There is only doing and not doing. You like or no? That is the basis for my art. Take it or leave it. No grand verbose explanations. Stimuli. Anyway, its been sometime since I threw my hat into the "open call" arena. Why ask for it? Life is filled with all sorts of wonderful rejection without the slightest urging. But alas, the size of the wall drew me in. Good luck to those selected. Looking forward, sort of in a wish it were me way, to seeing what goes up.

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AZ said...

I saw that call for proposals. Instantly thought of you. Glad to know that you threw your hat in the ring. Not glad that you weren't selected. All experience teaches us. You still rule.